• 09.02.2020

    9. februar 2020 by

    I want to do something with my life, but it feels like I am throwing it away. I want to be someone, be successful. But the only thing I feel like I am doing right now, is breathing. I am not doing anything. Even though I have big plans, it seems and feels like nothing… Les mer

  • 04.12.19

    4. desember 2019 by

    The world is so unbelievable unfair. I can’t wrap my head around why people decides to treat others so insanely bad. At the end of the day, were all humans trying to keep our heads over the water, so why don’t we support each other?    Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all… Les mer

  • 26.10.19

    26. oktober 2019 by

    Being able to breathe in the fresh air when I feel the cold on my cheeks, is something I am never going to take for granted. I am beyond grateful for all the small blessings I have in my life. Thank you life

  • 24.10.19

    25. oktober 2019 by

    I’ve been away for a little while, or just for a couple of days really. But it feels like I haven’t posted anything here in weeks. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to talk to you, my dear readers, but I just needed a break. I needed to sit down and breathe. A lot of… Les mer

  • 21.10.19

    21. oktober 2019 by

    I wish the time could just stop for a while, so I can take a deep breath without feeling like I am going to suffocate. My life is not like many others. I can’t go to school or work whenever I want to. I can’t go on a hike or hang out with friends. I… Les mer

  • 20.10.19

    20. oktober 2019 by

    I love nature so incredibly much. Whenever I get to go outside, I look at the flowers on the ground, the clouds in the sky and feel the air touching my skin. I’m gonna be grateful for the nature and the incredible things I get to see, forever and ever. You never know when’s the… Les mer

  • 18.10.19

    18. oktober 2019 by

    Why is there so much evil in this world? Why can’t we just be nice to each other? Is it really that difficult to be polite and caring?     I don’t get why some people want to be mean, when they can be kind. Am I the only one who have these thoughts, or do… Les mer

  • 17.10.19

    17. oktober 2019 by

    Today has been a busy day. I have been working on something amazing. Can’t wait until everyone gets to see it!!

  • 16.10.19

    16. oktober 2019 by

    I came to you with a smile, but you gave me an annoyed look back. Why? Why did you want to be angry and rude, when all I was trying to do was being nice? You yelled, while you were trying to make me understand. Understand that I had made you upset. But I’m sorry,… Les mer

  • 16.10.19

    16. oktober 2019 by

    I love you autumn; your colors and breeze. There’s something magical about you, something unknown. You arrive every year, but you leave so early. Like you don’t want me to see you. But you are beautiful. Your falling leaves and cold air is forever beloved by me. Don’t forget to come back. I will always… Les mer

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